Residential developments require a special touch – whether you are building single-family townhouses/condos or customizing your entire home.  When it comes to your home (or someone else’s), it’s important to have the right people on your team.  Zemoz Tile understands that your renovation or project has its own specific needs and requirements.  We are committed to both understanding and fulfilling your vision.

You need consistency

Having worked with various Lower Mainland developers, we understand the need for consistency.  With this need in mind, we’ve created a multi-faceted team that works seamlessly together to provide the high quality you deserve.

You need a team you can count on

When you’re trying to get your home project completed on-time and on-budget, the last thing you need is a “hit or miss” tile installer. We know.  Our project managers work with our installers to ensure that your project remains on track for the projected completion date.

You need flexibility

We get it.  You don’t have time to talk to three different people before you get to the installers. A Zemoz Rep is always available to answer your questions. Once the project starts we will connect you with the supervisor or Project manager overseeing the job and they will make sure to carry it from A-Z.  When changes need to be made, they happen.  It doesn’t take hours for installers to get the directive, costing everyone valuable time and resources.

Work with us directly

Call us today for a free estimate and demo of work.  We know you’ll be satisfied with our work.

Gallery of Residential Projects

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